the tip jar

Hey! So, not to be awkward… But, if you’ve clicked this link and would like to support what we do at this tiny life – A small contribution to our tip jar would be hugely appreciated 🙏

All of our content is created by Gabby and me. We really love being able to share our journey and lifestyle with you! If you’re able to chip in, it would really help us cover the time it takes to produce our vlogs, write our articles and create posts on the ‘gram… A little like buying us a cheeky drink after a hard day’s graft.

It’s all donations, you pick how much you’re happy to spend… And there’s no commitment. It’s not like being signed up for a subscription – more a casual, coins chucked into our busker’s cap as and when you can, sort of affair!

Please know how much it means to us if you do decide to chip in. Without you, we really wouldn’t be able to keep creating content or be able to run this site. Your kindness is very much valued!

Thank you,

Jack + Gabby xx