Creating a wholesome, planet-friendly lifestyle

Hey! Welcome to this tiny life. Our little patch of the internet where we talk about sustainable living through seasonal food, wild foraging and tips on how we can create a lower-impact lifestyle.

We’re Jack and Gabby. In 2019 we gave up our rented home to live on board a 57ft narrowboat called Flora. We had craved a simpler life which was more authentic to our values of living a more eco-conscious existence. We couldn’t afford to run off and start our own small holding, so living off-grid in a floating home seemed the next best option. Even if the desired veg garden is limited to a few upcycled containers precariously balanced on our boat’s roof.

We love this way of life, it’s not without its challenges and don’t get us wrong, it’s not for everybody. However, we wanted to set up this space to share our journey and maybe even encourage you to explore alternative lifestyles.

Please do have a mooch around our site. If you’d like to know some more about us then we’ve put some questions that we’re frequently asked here. Also, come and say hello. Drop us a DM on insta or use the contact page!