this tiny life: July Journal ’23

this tiny life: July Journal ’23

To escape a bout of writer’s block when planning this month’s scribbles, I had a little wander around a nearby meadow that’s been allowed to grow semi-wild. The grass is almost shoulder height creating a jagged canopy for butterflies to pirouette to the grasshoppers’ legato.

I often wonder what the world must look like from their perspective. It must be both small and gigantic. A simple meadow like a jungle but on the beat of a wing it’s a tiny oasis crammed into a cruelly tamed tarmac desert.

There’s been a lot that has happened over this last month. I almost can’t believe that we’re already at the cusp of July. There’s a full update below but, to say it’s been full of peaks and troughs is an understatement.

A quick note from us…

If it’s ok, I wanted to start this month’s journal entry with a note of gratitude. A few weeks ago, Gabby and I shared the news that our crew is about to grow. The boat will have a new berth come December which is something that is filling us with equal measures of excitement and trepidation.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your comments and messages. They have honestly warmed our hearts and we just feel so happy to be able to share such a happy moment with this little community.

Social media is a strange thing, although we might not have met we have made genuine friends through the various platforms we post on. It honestly has meant so much to us to be able to read through the words you’ve sent us, so thank you x

The Update…

Truthfully, it’s been an up-and-down month with the boat build. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but at one point it felt like the project was dead in the water.

We talk about what has happened in our most recent vlog. The good news is the issues raised can be rectified. The not-so-good news is that it’s going to cost us both time and money.  It’s been a tricky few weeks, but such is life.

Watch our most recent episode below ⤵️

July’s Recommendations

If you’re looking for a few ways to pass the summer evenings away, I’ve recently started reading the latest book by Natalie Fee. If you’re unaware of Natalie’s work, she is the founder of City2Sea – an environmental organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at source.

This link is an affiliate – it costs you know more but gives us a slight commission if you purchase through it. If you would prefer to shop via Waterstones we would love for you to do so through this link

Another channel I’d like to mention is Girl Outdoors. Becky creates videos about bikepacking, hiking, overlanding… A whole range of outdoor adventures!

Becky’s most recent journey sees her ride from Inverness to Glasgow. A trip that lasts for over 200 miles and takes in some of the most breathtaking scenery.

Taste the season: Wild Strawberries

July is a month of abundance. We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the veg patch and wild edibles. It’s also a good time to wander the hedgerows and get excited about the wild berries that are starting to emerge. Give it a month and our palms will be stained red with blackberries, damsons and elderberries.

For the keen forager, wild strawberries seem to be having a good year. They’re easily identifiable, looking like their cultivated counterparts just a lot smaller. Their flavour however is 10 times stronger and they work in a variety of dishes both sweet and savory. Try them scattered over porridge or in a strawberry and wild fennel salad.

Like all wild berries, you will come across some which are sweeter than others. One way to counteract the odd sour strawberry is to macerate them. This recipe from Julius Roberts sounds and looks delicious and would be the perfect way to make the most of them.

A little favour…

That’s it for this month’s journal! If you know someone who you think may enjoy this monthly periodical, it would mean so much if you could recommend us. Word of mouth helps us greatly and your support is so, so appreciated!

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See you next time!

Jack + Gabby x

Jack Miles
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