this tiny life: June Journal ’23

this tiny life: June Journal ’23

We’ve made it. Whilst a few months ago it felt like summer was taking a leisurely stroll towards us, it has now arrived with gusto. The heat is here and all complaints about the harshness of winter on the water are forgotten in a single touch of the sun’s soft glow.

The warmer weather has a remarkable impact. The canals are alive. We have a constant pootle of boaters heading off on their fair weather travels, the hedgerows are abuzz with bees and nearby ducklings appear for a daily takeout of oats scattered from our boat’s hatch. All is well.

For us, the last month has been a whirlwind. The build has leapt forward and is really taking shape. Maybe the optimism of summer is getting us giddy, but we’re definitely starting to see the finish line. If you watch this week’s update then you’ll see where we’re up to and how the space is really taking shape.

Because of how full-on the past month has been, June’s newsletter might be a little briefer than normal! I’ve not had a chance to sit and write as much as I would like and most of our energy has been spent cracking on whilst the sun shines. It’s always a delicate balance of work and life.

Thank you for sticking with us though, we really appreciate all your comments on YouTube and our Instagram. It might sound strange but you have no idea how motivating they are and how much we value this little community.

June’s Recommendations

Over the last month, we’ve discovered a few podcasts and shows that we really want to share with you. One of them is The Rewild Podcast.

Hosted by James Shooter, it shines a light on the passionate people and inspiring initiatives fighting back for nature. The podcast is released monthly, sharing stories of nature recovery throughout Europe.  If you, like me, suffer from eco-anxiety this is a show of positivity.

Another program I wanted to highlight is from the BBC. Steve Backshall Goes Off Grid. An interesting look at why it’s so difficult and often more expensive to build a home that has strong sustainable credentials. He also talks about a brief period of his life when he lived on a houseboat, so it’s even more of a must-listen!

Taste the season: Elderflower

June has its own scent. It’s delicate, floral and enticing. For the keen forager, that scent marks the start of Elderflower season. These creamy white clouds of flowers are as delightful in the kitchen as they are to the eye.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to share a few elderflower recipes including our guide to making your own cordial. Until then, we have a tasty vinegar infusion that’s great as a dressing for summer salads and our very indulgent elderflower fritters – a real treat post-teatime.

How to make elderflower fritters | Proper Treats
Elderflower fritters are the perfect way to celebrate springtime. They’re also unbelievably simple to make. Enjoy these as an after-dinner treat.

A little favour…

Thank you for reading this month’s journal. If it isn’t too forward, could you do us a massive favour?

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See you next time!

Jack + Gabby x

Jack Miles
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