How do you build a bed? Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 12

How do you build a bed? Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 12

This week, we’re heading into the bedroom to get started on building our ottoman bed frame. The plan has always been to have a king size bed in our new boat Artichoke. Have shared a small double for our first four years on the water, we knew we wanted to go as big as possible. We planned the layout of our house boat as having the bedroom at the bow of the boat without an entrance door, and this will allow us to fit a king size bed in. It will almost take up the full width of the boat, just about enough space for two humans and a dog…

Storage is absolute key when you live in a small space, and so as we’re building our new tiny home to be bespoke for us, we’re considering storage at every space. Building an ottoman bed allows us to have relatively easy-access under the bed storage.

We’re building the bed frame out of stud work timber, and in two stages. The first stage is building the base of the bed frame that will be secured to the floor, and the second stage is building the ottoman part of the bed, which will hold the mattress and lift up to reveal more storage underneath.

It’s the first stage we’ve progressed with this week. After cutting all the timber to size, we constructed the base of the frame and we’re really happy with how it has turned out. It is the first real carpentry challenge we’ve faced so far in our boat build, and despite a few miscalculations in measuring and cutting wood, we got there in the end.

Now we just need to construct the top half of the bed!

You can catch up with this week’s boat build in our latest YouTube episode below where we build the base of the bed frame, but also celebrate Spring by heading out on a foraging adventure for our favourite wild edible: wild garlic.

Jack Miles
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