The power is on?! Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 11

The power is on?! Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 11

We’re saying goodbye! This week we have packed up and said an emotional farewell to our original narrowboat Flora, and Artichoke is now our home. She’s also come on leaps and bounds – our fully electric narrowboat home, drum roll please, now has power!

If you’ve been following our journey for a while, you’ll know we’re currently building our dream home – a fully electric, off-grid narrowboat. But, we’re not new to life on the water. We’ve lived on Flora, a 54ft narrowboat for 4 years, traveling the UK canals. When we bought her as a DIY project in 2019 – we didn’t realise quite how much work we would end up doing to her – but over the years of calling her home, we totally transformed the interior. We changed her – and she totally changed us as people. We spoke honestly in a video recently about just how much Flora, and boat life, have had a positive effect on our lives – if you’ve not already, you can watch that here.

Looking empty! 

But, the time came this week to hand over the keys to Flora, our narrowboat home of four years, to the new owners. To make the moving process a little easier, Jack came up with a great idea. We opened the side hatches on both of our boats, and moored them up side by side. We simply had to pass boxes through the window of one boat and straight into the other. Is this the shortest house move ever?

It was sad to say goodbye, but it marked the beginning of our new chapter. Artichoke is now our home. She’s not just our new building project, but where we’ll be eating, sleeping, watching the birds, and hopefully soon, we’ll be exploring the UK in her.

Having moved all of our possessions into our new floating home, we packed up a few things and headed back to my parents for a few days, leaving Artichoke ready for Phil the electrician to return!  

We’re incredibly excited to share with you that, whilst we were away, Phil has worked his magic and we now have power. The lights come on, the solar panels are charging up our huge battery bank, and even our electric motor turns! This is the biggest milestone we’ve reached in our electric boat build, and I think you need to see it to believe it.

Check out this week’s episode up on YouTube to see us moving off Flora, and stick around to the end to see Artichoke all powered up!

Saying GOODBYE to our first narrowboat home + moving onto our project houseboat with NO UTILITIES

Jack Miles
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