Another hiccup in the build | Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 7

Another hiccup in the build | Building our off-grid, electric narrowboat | Weekly Update 7

It’s been a week of highs and lows in building our off-grid electric floating home. As we tackle laying down more of our reclaimed flooring, we come up with a novel way of moving our 300kg second-hand stove, and there’s a new problem we need to overcome in the boat build.

One of the highlights this week was figuring out a clever technique to move our 300kg second-hand stove, this time without the use of a crane. We called our method “the human horse,” – using ropes and our own strength, we pulled the stove inch by inch. With the stove successfully relocated, we continued with the installation of our beautiful reclaimed flooring. Although it requires much more effort to clean and lay than brand-new flooring, the result is stunning, and the eco-friendly benefits of using second-hand materials make it all worthwhile. With the boards originally coming from a school gym, we love that there is a story behind it, and character.

However we have run into a little set-back with another piece of reclaimed furniture in our boat build, and we cannot believe we missed it! It’s our second-hand bath. We know it is a little extravagant for a boat, but hey, it’ll be lovely to have the option to soak. The issue we’ve come across is that when Jack stands up in the bath, his head is only one cm or so from touching the ceiling. That leaves no space for a shower head. We’re going to think of a solution over the next few days… we’ll make it work somehow!  

We’re realising as we go that every decision, and mistake we make can have a massive impact on the build and how the boat will work and look at the end. But, with determination, and creativity, we’re sure we’ll get there and overcome the setbacks and challenges we’re meeting along the way!

You can watch this week’s human horse method and see how far we’ve got with our flooring on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the boat build!  

Jack Miles
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